How Smartphone Tech is Helping The Nation?

Smartphone is a mobile phone which has built in internet/WiFi connection and has features of both computer and mobile phone. Smartphone technology is an emerging technology which has no limits. The technology of combining telephone and computer was introduced in 1974 and the devices with this technology were introduced in market in 1993. This technology brought a revolution in the world of science and technology and many developers started to modify this technology for the best use. The subject of software development was not very common before the advent of this Smartphone technology but now there is a global team of software developers who are contributing to reach the best.


Smartphone technology is contributing a very important part in the social, economical, educational and research development of the world. Many professionals are earning due to this advanced technology, many families are connected by this powerful network of Smartphone technology, and many students are successfully getting high grades due to this worthwhile technology. When Smartphone technology was introduced, its access was limited to few regions and only few people but thanks to the young engineers, scientists and developers that their efforts brought a technology revolution and now everyone can enjoy the benefits of this user-oriented technology. There is a big range of high quality gadgets with varying characters and qualities. The basic quality of a Smartphone is its internet facility where people can enjoy high speed internet on low cost. Second good quality of a Smartphone is its big app store where people can download and use user friendly applications for different purposes.

It is now consented by many people that Smartphone tech is helping our nation and youth to evolve. This technology is helping our nation and youth in many different ways:

  • Improvement in social behavior
  • A strong global network
  • Contacts with international organizations
  • Best educational assistance
  • Improvement in different skills
  • Understanding and realizing things in a better way

People are connected to each other by using different social apps like Watsapp or twitter, so there is big change in social behavior of many people and they have improved communication level. By making connections, a strong connection has been established among the people of different regions. This global connection enables the people to learn from each other and to take things in positive ways. Students are getting highest benefit from this worthwhile technology. Now they do not hesitate to take assignments if they have a Smartphone because this technology enables the students to search for related material and to arrange a combine study network without going anywhere. The knowledge about everything is now accessible through single touch. People have improved their different skills by joining online skill development programs etc.

Our nation is now evolving as a well organized, well educated and civilized nation due to the success stories in the field of science and technology. Thanks to Smartphone technology which has played its role in teaching people and enabling them to get interest in science and technology.

The people who used this technology in an optimistic way to learn something and to teach something are really appreciable. There is an utter need of using this latest technology in a positive way so that some existing hurdles in our success can be removed.

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