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Why Transportation Should Necessary ? Essay

Importance Of Transportation Essay : ‘I decide to shift my residence from Delhi to Mumbai. I pack the household appliances and hand it over to the railway department for delivery, the commodities of negligible size go via roads and meanwhile I fly my way to the destination’. The above example clearly illustrates the mandatory presence of the various means of transport in our day-to- day lives. Transportation is the movement of people, animals, goods and services from one location to another, whose importance can unmistakably be felt all around with the transcending civilisation.

importance of transportation
Importance of Transportation

What Mean By Transportation  ?

Humans first means of transport were walking and swimming. The domestication of animals introduced a new way to lay the burden of transport on more powerful creatures. Inventions such as the wheel and sled helped make animal transport more efficient while the Industrial revolution in the 19th century transformed transportation by 360 degrees. Transport is the key necessity for specialization- allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different places or locations, thus creating utility of space. Conveyance has, even throughout history, been a spur to expansion since better transport allows more trade and a greater spread of people. It Is an undeniable fact that the economic growth is directly or indirectly, dependant on increasing the capacity and rationality of transport, with its various modes, namely road, rail, air, water, cable, pipelines, and even space, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. The whole field of transportation has been divided into infrastructure, vehicles and operations. Vehicles travelling on these networks may include auto-mobiles, bicycles, buses, trains, trucks, people, helicopters, water-craft, spacecraft and aircraft.

What is Importance of Transportation ?

The importance of transportation emerges even without saying in the current scenario where not just relocation of living and non- living things rely on its means but also the entire planning of an economy is done without neglecting even an element of transportation, to say the least.

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