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Essay on Advertisement |Speech on Advertisement

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Advertisement are messages sent to the public with the intention of influencing them positively regarding their appeal, products or services. In short advertisement are messages sent from the service provider to a potential service receiver. It is a means of communication with the consumer.

Advertisement can be present in any form. It can be in the form of television commercial, announcement on radio, posters and print media, flash ads on internet, etc. Advertisement is highly been done by using the social media in the form of Facebook page where likers can get access to all the new updates provided by a company. Also, people can directly inbox them regarding their views and provide feedback. Announcement of any contest is also a means to draw attention of people towards the company’s products and services in the disguise of a temptation.

Essay on Advertisement |Speech on Advertisement | Speech on Advertisement | Important of Advertisement

Advertisement Company comprises of a few people working. Firstly, a particular company approaches an advertisement agency and explains them regarding their product. They have to explain their concept and philosophy behind their product so that the agency can decide on the visualization of those ideas and how to target them towards a particular audience. This is a very important part which is demanded by the agency to the company. Because based on this explanation only the agency would create visuals, layouts, texts and uses them to communicate with the user.

Then the advertisements are ready to be hosted by channels on television, radio and other such media. And the company have to pay all those people on the line who bridges the company and the customers. Advertisement are of many types. A film is advertised using a trailer. Educational institution can prepare attractive pamphlets about their institution by mentioning their achievements or putting lots of photos which will create a positive impression on the people reading it. Usually, advertisement shows the positive points of a product. The agency hires few people who decides how to display the product by using clever tactics. They figure out perfect story or scenes to target at the stereotypes among people. The design is therefore created by an identified sponsor and performed through a variety of media. Advertisement involves using of attractive models, glamour, a funny story, etc in order to attract people regarding the product.

Advertisement can however be very annoying sometimes because of the content they use. Sometimes ridiculous stunts, obscene visuals, violence, etc are depicted too. But these commercials appear time and again on all the channels and even the kids watch them. So it definitely effects them. A child may try to replicate the incidents in real. They may try a stunt which might be very harmful. Violence shown as a cool activity can make a child aggressive and short tempered. Seemingly minor but persistent things shape our thinking and mindset unknowingly and this aspect is used by media.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Essay on Advertisement |Speech on Advertisement | Speech on Advertisement | Importance of Advertisement[/box]

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