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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.5 – Best Data Recovery Software

EaseUS recently launched one of its new versions, EaseUS 11.5 . EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best of its kind. It helps you recover or restore lost files, deleted files and formatted areas where files have gone missing. Sometimes, it’s essential to have a proper data recovery software as the files that you lost may carry a lot of value and they might have been deleted by mistake and not on purpose. The situation becomes very difficult if these files have important information stored within. In cases where a virus attack destroyed all such folders, a data recovery software comes to use. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the ability to restore even those files that were present in an external device or an SD card. It does not restrict its activities just to your PC or laptop.

What’s new with the 11.5


  • The steps involved in recovering data tend to be quite simple and user-friendly. Moreover, this version has a completely new interface. The scanning process has been enhanced in order to deliver amazing results.
  • For effective and easy recovery of data, the filter function can be optimized after scanning. This version also supports two new languages, being Turkish and Arabic.

EaseUS free data recovery software assists you in recovering missing data and files easily.

Steps Involved in Data Recovery

First, you need to launch the software. After this, the software takes on a scan using which all the lost files and missing data can be accurately restored from various locations like your PC, laptop, external devices like hard disk, SSD, USB, memory cards, digital cameras etc. The scan proceeds and goes on till the files you wanted are found and recovered. These files could include photos, documents, audio/music, videos, emails etc. These lost files could also be located in your phone (mobiles) or other kinds of storage media. This is the last and final step in the restoration process that is also known as recovery.

  • PC and memory card data recovery wizard: The recovery of data is not limited to your hard drive, external devices, SSD on your PCs and laptops but it also extends to damaged or corrupted parts of your memory card, memory stick, SD card, micro SD etc.
  • USB drive and other device recovery wizard: EaseUS data recovery software offers a wide range of service. You can restore data from mobile phones, iPods, USB drives, pen drives, flash drives etc.

The data loss might be due to various reasons such as formatting, hard drive corruption, partition loss, accidental deletion of files, virus attacks, system crash, volume loss, RAW partition etc. Ease US free data recovery software is quite an easy and trustworthy software which gets your work done at an amazingly great speed. You’ll also be guided with each step. Two features known as quick scan and deep scan deserve a mention here. They help you hunt down your lost files by thoroughly scanning areas. Before recovery, you will also be shown a quick preview. In the process of recovery, there will no compromise in the quality of files. The results of the scan can be both imported and exported. Once you save your result, you can continue with the scan without having to start from scratch.

Go check out this amazing software which comes free for both Mac and Windows.

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