Daily Tech Term : Vocabulary

13 April, 2015

[toggle title=”Drag And Drop” state=”close”]Drag And Drop refers to clicking on and dragging an icon, document, image, etc. to an icon or window in order to open the item, transfer it to a new location, print it out, or delete it.[/toggle]

14 April, 2015

[toggle title=”Frolleague ” state=”close”]A Frolleague (condensed from Friend Colleague) is a co-worker or work colleague that an individual has friended on a social network and/or become friends with outside of work.[/toggle]

17 April, 2015

[toggle title=”Plesiochronous” state=”close”]Plesiochronous refers to telecommunications operations that are almost synchronous.

For example, if you have a transmission exchanged between two devices with different clock settings, the transmission may not arrive in the same time slot it was sent, but if it arrives within a set/defined time range it would be considered Plesiochronous.[/toggle]