11 Reasons Why It Is More Than Difficult To Date An Indian Girl


Reasons Why It Is More Than Difficult To Date An Indian Girl : Dating is a phrase that was been commonly use in this era of generation. Earlier, people played hide n seek when they were in love. Relatives and friends did not know such a magic was happening amongst them until one day it explodes like a volcano. One particular topic when it comes to dating is the Indian girls. They are definitely exotic and unique. They are maidens of love.

Reasons Why It Is More Than Difficult To Date An Indian Girl

But some men find it extra difficult to date Indian women. And some have some valid reasons:

11 Reasons Why It Is More Than Difficult To Date An Indian Girl

1# Moral values:

The Indian culture has strong values that have very strong roots. Moral values play a definite role in our lives. These values tell us that women are supposed to be feminine and stay away from danger. Dating according to these moral values is a high end point. Once you date, you die. That is the concept that still lives in our society. The youth find it difficult to cope up with these strict morals or SANSKARS.

11 Reasons Why It Is More Than Difficult To Date An Indian Girl

2# Harassment:

When a lady gets down into an urban city she is welcomed with dirty stares and wolf whistling. She does not trust her surroundings. In her perspective hence she sees everyone as the same who would see her with a wrong eye. So she finds it difficult to open up and be the friendly kind.

3# Scarcity:

Did you know that for every 4 men in India, there is only 1 woman in ratio. Recent statistics show that the girl count has dropped due to various reasons. So if your girl is an Indian, consider yourself lucky. I mean extremely lucky.

4# High Priced ones:

The good looking or the smart and intelligent girl is already taken, married or by now has a baby boy by now. Grab the chance. Things slip out quickly.

5# Assumptions:

Every lady has feminine notions. Sometimes it turns out for no good. They eventually come up with the idea that All men are the same or Men only want one thing.

6# Food:

Indian girls have enough of pani puri or gol gappa. So impressing her is quite difficult especially when it comes to hot and exotic Indian food.

7# Single all the way:

Women empowerment has triggered a deathly weapon. Living single is living independent. The idea has created sparks across the nation. We have more than the girl friends we know who prefer to be single than be in a relation.

8# Quick Wedding plans:

As mentioned before, once a girl reaches an age of 20 she is now qualified to get married. Indian morals have taught our society to marry their girls as quick to avoid any wrong saying by people around. Society is always bothered about what the others say or think.

9# Expression:

If a man dates girls, its fine. If a girl has gone through ups and downs in multiple relations she is termed or branded. She is never considered the same. People always make stories and these spread like fire which was never true.

10# The Big Fat Wedding:

Ever attended an Indian wedding? You’ll know the pain the. So much effort and co ordination goes into a single marriage. The entire house looks like a blinking Disney castle throughout day and night. Marrying an Indian girl will make sure that you will definitely need to take a loan by the end of the marriage.

11# Impression:

It is not easy to impress her. She has been through a lot of wolf whistling and good guy acting. You should be truly extraordinary to win her heart.

After all these reasons, Indian girls are definitely the best you will get.

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